Environment-friendly Innovative Techniques and Technologies


21. International Scientific and Technical Conference

22-24 March 2021

The Organizers have a pleasure and honour of inviting you to the conference from the KOMEKO-IMTech cycle which will be held in March 2021. The Conference objectives include a survey of development trends in the domain of minerals’ processing systems in the aspect of relationships: man-machine-environment, a presentation of issues concerning an implementation of innovative solutions, of operational experience resulting from using new, innovative techniques and technologies as well as a presentation of the latest offer of machinery and equipment producers. In addition to the existing topics related to processing systems, the organizers want to expand the topics to include energy management, circular economy and zero-emission economy.

Representatives of minerals’ processing industry, of mining industry, users of minerals’ processing technologies and machines, producers of machines and equipment, representatives of institutes, research centres and technical universities, dealing with the problems of minerals’ processing, are cordially invited to participate in the KOMEKO-IMTech 2021 Conference.

Scope of the Conference:

• Problems of sustainable management of raw minerals.
• Modernization trends of preparation plants in coal-mines and in mines of aggregates.
• Control, diagnostic and visualization systems of processes in minerals’ processing plants.
• New solutions, technologies and materials used in machines and equipment for minerals’ processing.
• State-of-the-art design and construction methods of machines and systems for processing of minerals.
• Laboratory and in-situ tests of minerals’ processing machines and equipment.
• Research and testing of minerals’ processing techniques and technologies.
• Technologies of classification and beneficiation of minerals, oriented onto quality and efficiency improvement.
• Improvement of technologies and techniques for hard coal processing in the aspect of environmental protection.
• Problems of safety and health protection in minerals’ processing plants.
• Environmental aspects of mineral processing.
• Revitalization of devastated, post-industrial areas using the latest technological achievements.
• Methods of producing and using alternative fuels.
• Waste and minerals’ management.
• Clean coal technologies.
• Circular Economy.
• Water management.
• Zero-emissions mining industry.
• Energy management.
• Green energy.