22nd International Scientific and Technical Conference


Innovative Techniques and Technologies in the period of Green Transformation 


11-13 October 2021

KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology invites you to participate in the KOMTECH-IMTech Conference, which will be held from 11 to 13 October this year in Szczyrk.

The aim of the conference is to present both the latest scientific, research and technical achievements in the field of modern mining, with particular emphasis on the issues of occupational safety and health protection, exchange of knowledge and experience in the use of innovative techniques and technologies as well as green solutions, practical for business and residents of post-mining areas . The transformation of the European economy towards a greener and more climate-friendly one is one of the most important tasks for the coming years. This is a major challenge for mining regions, both in terms of technological, social and economic challenges. Challenges related to the development of post-mining areas and the use of mine infrastructure.

The organizers hope that the conference will contribute to the integration of the scientific community with industry representatives, becoming an excellent opportunity for discussion and traditionally gathering a large group of participants interested in the directions of green transformation and the development of safe and effective mining.


Scope of the Conference:

  • Technologies related to energy storage. 
  • Energy management.
  • Energy efficiency of machines and devices.
  • Transformation and Industry 4.0.
  • Artificial intelligence techniques in heavy industry.
  • Technical progress in a construction and exploitation of machines:
    • an increase of life and reliability,
    • an introduction of new techniques and construction materials,
    • a reduction of machinery and equipment wear ,
    • an improvement of mechanical and technical solutions,
    • an increase of machinery park life.
  • Smart solutions of machines and equipment according to Industry 4.0 approach:
    • an application of Internet of Things in the industry,
    • a development of control systems (cyber-physical systems),
    • smart monitoring and diagnostics systems of machines. Predictive Maintenance,
    • an automation and robotization of processes in mines.
  • Machines and equipment used in longwall and road-heading systems.
  • Haulage systems of machines and of run-of-mine as well as men-riding systems.
  • Safe and efficient shaft haulage systems.
  • Innovative solutions of drive systems.
  • Use of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in a construction of machines.
  • Shaping of safe operational conditions in mines.
  • The latest research and technologies in the field of an identification, forecast and control of mining hazards.
  • New technologies of driving workings and mining of minerals.
  • State-of-the-art management systems.
  • Issues of industrial mechanics.